Olivia + Chris/The Legacy at Green Hills - Mikaela Wendel Photography

Olivia + Chris/The Legacy at Green Hills

All weddings are special- obviously. You are committing yourself to the love of your life until “death do us part.” But they’re a little extra special when they symbolize a family officially uniting. During the ceremony, Olivia asked her now stepdaughter to come up so she could read vows to her as well. Let me tell you this- there was not one dry eye after that. I can only imagine how hard it is to be a single parent. Dating as a single parent (and trying to find someone that not only makes you happy but your daughter too) has to bring with it its own challenges. When Chris proposed to Olivia, he was not only asking her to be his future wife, but also a stepmom to his only daughter. Their little family became official on this day. Having and cherishing the relationship that I have with my stepmom, I couldn’t help but tear up when Olivia said that Brooke had changed her life and made her a better person. Guys, family isn’t just blood. It’s the people that will love you and always be there for you. All weddings are a good reminder of this- this one was just a little extra special.