The Legacy at Green Hills Kansas City Wedding//The Evans - Mikaela Wendel Photography

The Legacy at Green Hills Kansas City Wedding//The Evans

In Cailie’s first email to me, she compared her and Travis’ relationship to that of Monica and Chandler on Friends. So obviously I was pumped and knew I’d be the perfect “Phoebe” on their wedding day. And that’s basically how it went. Cailie had an amazing floral crown and the perfect boho dress. I showed her a picture on the back of my camera while her mom helped fasten the crown and I think that’s when she realized how gorgeous she really looked. We did the bridesmaids and groomsmen photos separately because Cailie and Travis wanted to wait to see each other until she walked down the aisle. So up until this point, I was just hanging out with the girls. I was stoked to shoot this wedding because of the email conversations alone, but I realized pretty quick that the friends and family that surrounded Cailie and Travis were just as awesome as they are. Honestly, it was like hanging out with my own girl gang. Travis and his guys were just as cool. I may or may not have roasted one of the groomsmen and the rest was history. I grew up with a brother that always had friends around so I’m no stranger to hanging with the guys. I think being rewarded with a Bud Light before the ceremony was testament to that. The ceremony was beautiful. The venue was beautiful (seriously though, if you’re looking for an outdoor venue in Kansas City, you HAVE to check out The Legacy at Green Hills. Not only is it gorgeous, Alex, the owner, is the sweetest and most helpful human being). The portraits and the reception was beautiful. But what really got me about this wedding was the people. Cailie and Travis had so much love and support on their wedding day you could feel it walking into a room. And it didn’t hurt that these people are a blast and know how to party. I literally miss all of them and wish they could get married every weekend.