Kansas City Vintage Anniversary Session//Becca + Ryan - Mikaela Wendel Photography

Kansas City Vintage Anniversary Session//Becca + Ryan

It’s no secret that I adore working with Becca and Ryan. I photographed their wedding last year and tbh I think Becca is my biggest hype girl (and you have no idea what that means to someone in a creative career). They’ve decided to do an anniversary session every year to document their journey together. Becca even said that when they start a family, she wants photos of the house being messy if that’s the stage of life that they’re in. I vibe with this so hard. I truly want to document your lives and your love the way it is. No fake laughs, no fake moments. With that being said, this session was a little different than most being that it was a little more posed (since we were really going for that vintage vibe). And there’s a reason for that too.

The whole vintage session was Becca’s idea; I just helped with the location and the photos (obvi). Ryan and Becca got matching tattoos on their forearms with their wedding flowers and a Star Wars quote (which was also their cake topper and I thought just part of their vows lol). A woman complimented Becca on hers and asked about the meaning behind it. The woman’s response was, “But it’s permanent. What if you get divorced?” Now, this is probably the last place you’d expect to see the “D” word (you know, a wedding photographer’s blog), but I think this story was important to share. Becca decided on a vintage inspired session because when people used to get married, that was it. I’m going to go ahead and preface this with the fact that my parents are divorced (happily so- and I got an amazing stepmom out of the deal) and I understand why it happens. But marriage isn’t just the next step in a relationship because you’ve been together for X amount of years or live together. It is a conscious decision to spend your lives together, forever. Which I think is amazing and really admirable. So Becca’s response to that woman?

“So is my marriage.”