Swope Park Kansas City Engagement Session//Brittni + Caleb


We met up at Go Ape in Swope Park Kansas City (where Caleb works- you should go there because he’s awesome) at 8:30am for Brittni and Caleb’s engagement session. I’m going to be straight with you- I am not a morning person. If you ask me to be anywhere before 10am there is a really good chance I show up with no makeup and hair still wet from the shower. BUT… you know I’d do anything for my couples and some rad photos. These two (God bless their beautiful souls) showed up with Lamars donuts (aka the best donuts in Kansas City) and coffee. So we sat in the parking lot and chatted about dogs, how much Brittni loves her students, Caleb’s fun job, and so much more. I LOVE walking into sessions and feeling like we’re old friends just catching up. As you can tell from these photos, we had plenty of laughs and good times. And I think the Kansas City fall leaves were digging us too. I adore these two for just being their fun, genuine selves (not to mention we speak the same level of sarcasm).


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