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5 Kansas City Area Outdoor Venues to Check Out

There are lots of reasons to consider an outdoor ceremony for your wedding. First of all, ask any photographer and they’ll tell you how awesome natural light is for the photos that you are going to want to cherish for a lifetime. Outdoor ceremonies are also an easy way to capture a relaxed vibe for you and your guests. AND (one of the big ones), often times you can land a gorgeous venue cheaper because of the lower overhead costs. So because of all of these things (and more), I’ve compiled a list of a few wedding venues around the Kansas City area for you to check out!



1. The Legacy at Green Hills

The ceremony space is gorgeous with a paved walk from the house to the altar. There’s also a ton of room for your photographer to move around and get really an unlimited amount of angles of your ceremony (one of my favorite parts!).


There’s a beautiful pond on the property as well as fields and a wooded area. Once again, more opportunities for variety in your photos. This particular wedding was in the early fall and man, the colors around here just POPPED. And if you’re the kind of couple that’s not really into getting your clothes dirty by walking around to all of these places, I’ve got good news for ya. Alex, the amazing, incredible, awesome owner of the venue will take you down to the pond in their off roading vehicle (don’t ask me what’s it’s called, I’m just a wedding photographer). This also cuts down on the time it takes to get your portraits done and get you back to your reception!


The reception area is covered and as you can see in this photo- has heating available. These guys are prepared for all kinds of weather.


Want to forgo traditional catering? That’s cool because there’s a big parking lot right in front of the reception area for some awesome KC food trucks if that’s your kinda thing.


And at the end of the day, you and your guests can sneak away from all the dancing to make smores over the fire pit. (P.S. if you haven’t seen it already, smores kits are adorable favors that you can leave on the tables!!)

See the full gallery here.



2. Tobacco Barn Farm


This wedding day was particularly windy and we had first looks scheduled at midday. When I have a wedding with a schedule like this, my priority is finding some good shade so that I can move around freely without worrying about the glaring sun. This can get limiting, but Tobacco Barn Farm is so photogenic it’s no problem. We set up the bride’s first look with her dad on one side of the barn where the wind was being blocked and there was plenty of shade.


We decided to switch it up for the couple’s first look, so we set up under the covered part of the barn (no need to worry about the sun or wind here!!).


There are lots of spots for portraits on the property. These were taken in the garden. It was late fall so nothing was in bloom but obviously it was still beautiful!


LOVED photographing the wedding party in front of this building. Look at how their colors popped!


The ceremony setting backs up to the pond and there’s plenty of room for all of your loved ones. I also feel like it would be really easy to decorate with all of the natural scenery.


Ughhhhh gorgeous pond again. <3


You can see a few of the buildings in the background of this photo. This venue offers plenty of space for you and your spouse-to-be to get ready separately, a variety of backdrops for your photos, an amazing reception space, and your perfect outdoor ceremony.


Added bonus for outdoor ceremony venues: no room flipping or awkwardly ignoring family members while you get your photos done. There’s already another space ready for them to relax and mingle while you two get sh*t done! 🙂

See the full gallery here.



3. The Journey Home


This is country wedding vibes at its finest. With a real cornfield background and this incredible homestead, if you’re digging country weddings these days, you’ve got to check this one out. (P.S. The barn with the adorable heart is the reception venue!)


Here’s a look at the ceremony set up and the inside of the reception barn!


We opted for a front porch first look. Obviously did not disappoint.


Hiiiiii. More pretties in front of the gorgeous house!


Remember that cornfield I was talking about?!


It made for an awesome background for not only the ceremony, but a lot of this couple’s portraits as well. The dark green made this bride’s dress standout even more.

See the full gallery here.



4. Belvoir Winery


Have you heard of this place? If not, open another tab and google “Odd Fellows Home” (what the winery used to be called). The amount of history here is INCREDIBLE and will be something your guests will love talking about.


This first look was done on the path between the main building and the fountain. No eye sores to worry about here!


Ya’ll know I’m obsessed with my dogs, and most of my clients are too. Outdoor ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to involve your fur babies on your wedding day (my pups will be my wedding party on my day so if you’re also at that level of dog mom, keep this in mind).


This is also the only venue I’ve seen that offers this different layout/perspective for the wedding party. Instead of having bridesmaids on one side and groomsmen on the other, they actually stand in a circle. Just another way to be “surrounded” by your loved ones on your special day.


Couples portraits in front of a tree line sunset FTW. But there’s also the brick buildings, fountain, and don’t rule out nighttime portraits under the string lights!

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5. Circle S Ranch


This venue is HUGE with rooms to choose from when you are getting ready, a fantastic outdoor space, and a reception barn.


This is another great example of a spacious ceremony location so your photographer can get all the good angles.


Only minimal decor needed because the property is gorgeous as-is. My only advice is no green bridesmaid dresses because of the lush surroundings!

I love the whimsical vibes here. It will truly feel like you just promised forever to the love of your life in middle of an enchanted forest.

See the full gallery here.


I could go on for days about outdoor wedding venues, but hopefully these ones can get you started thinking about what you want for your own wedding. I loved working at all of these venues and highly encourage you to check out the full galleries that I have linked to see more photos of their gorgeous spaces! As always, when considering any venue for your wedding, be sure to check out their reviews (theknot.com is a great place to start!), do a site visit, and compare a few so you can make a well-informed, confident decision!

And when you get that venue and date locked in, you know where you can find a photographer that will document your wedding and dream venue in all of it’s glory. 😉