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Best of 2018

Man, 2018 was a pretty cool year. I wanted to show you guys just how awesome it’s been with a “Best of 2018” article. But who cares what I think the “best” is? So I asked my couples,

“What was your favorite photo this year?”


“I honestly have over 102820 favorites that you have taken!! If I had to narrow it down, this photo would be one of my absolute favorites though! It’s also Shane’s, his parents, and my parents favorite as well! We love it so much we had it made into a giant 36×24 canvas which hangs in our bedroom. ♥️ Shane and I don’t have a lot of good quality pictures of us surfing together and this picture captures both of us so perfectly. We love surfing and each other. Plus, this was the first time we had ever surfed and held hands before and we didn’t fall! Haha I will cherish this picture for the rest of my life! ♥️♥️♥️”

-Mrs. Hartzler

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“It was so hard to pick a favorite, but this has to be one of them. It’s really romantic and I think of walking into a new life together. ♥️”

-Mrs. Ward

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“I mean, I’m obsessed with my winter engagement shoot. But all your beautiful photos are what lead me to book you!”

-Future Mrs. Garrison



“I love this picture because it truly captures just how excited we where to be finally hitched!”

-Mrs. Dysart

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“I love this picture because it captures exactly how we are as a couple and how our first year of marriage has been. Totally obsessed and selfish with each other.”

-Mrs. Donica

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“This is my favorite picture because it shows what our relationship is made of- laughter and love!”

-Mrs. Farley

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“This (photo) was the moment of ‘holy smokes we are getting married and this guy is going to be my husband’ and all the feelings that brought on. I felt so much love for him, but also thankful for that day and celebrating this season of life. It’s a moment frozen in time for me in a picture that I’ll always cherish.”

-Future Mrs. Johnson

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“This is our favorite photo! We love it because it was the first sneak peak pic we got to see and boy did it get us excited to see the rest. We also love it because we feel like it really shows ‘us’! When we were wedding planning, the only two things I knew were we would have donuts instead of cake and we wanted it to feel personal! Plus my husband is so cute- this pic is the background on my phone!”

-Mrs. Cannon

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“You captured so many beautiful, romantic, moody, fun and REAL photos that together are a perfect collection of the love I have for this man! It really is impossible to pick a favorite because they are all lovable for different reasons! I love the ones that look like they belong on the cover of a magazine and the ones that make me feel more beautiful than I ever thought possible.
But, this one makes me smile just a little bit bigger. I see a man caring for me through a fun-filled life together! I also see me looking incredibly worry-free smack dab in the middle of one of the toughest semesters of graduate school. 🙂 It reminds me to find happiness in the little things no matter what the circumstances!”

-Future Mrs. Jarvis

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“I feel like it really shows our real personalities. We laugh at each other and ourselves constantly which is a big reason why we fit so well together!”

-Future Mrs. Bajkowski

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“This one shows our love and how we can’t take our eyes off one another. Like nobody else compares to the other. It shows how really happy we are together!”

-Mrs. Finder

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I loved compiling a “Best of” list by asking my 2018 couples what their favorite photos were and why. After all, it’s their stories that really matter.

Aaaaaaand here’s my casual brag that wouldn’t be possible without the amazing couples that I worked with this year…



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I can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring.