Beck Event Space Kansas City Wedding - Mikaela Wendel Photography

Beck Event Space Kansas City Wedding

“Mikaela is WONDERFUL. I had never had my picture taken professionally before. I was so incredibly nervous- I didn’t want to be overly posed and I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that I wanted pictures that looked like my fiance and I, and I wanted someone who’s pictures looked “real.” Not only did she make the experience effortless, her kindness and sense of humor put my worries out of my head within the first 20 seconds of the session. I am ecstatic with the quality of our engagement photos and feel that she truly captured us. On the wedding day, she brought that same joy and energy. When I looked at her when things were starting to get crazy, she instantly made me feel better. Her pictures do not capture solely those posed moments; she catches conversations with my husbands sister, side ways glances, small touches, and quiet moments. The day, the moment, and the vibe of our wedding was captured. I am so thankful to relive those moments due to her incredible work. Although the day has passed, my husband and I would absolutely count her as a friend. She is real, authentic, kind, and talented. I cannot recommend this wonderful person enough.”
Starting this blog post off with Brittni’s review is a little different than my normal blogging routine. But I think that her perspective is frankly more important than mine.
I have a lot of things to say about Brittni + Caleb and their wedding day. I’ve tried to write this post several times but it keeps ending up resembling a book (and I know ya’ll didn’t come to a PHOTOGRAPHER’s website to read a book lol). So here’s what I think is the most important: they did their wedding THEIR way. Brittni loves breakfast food, so they had breakfast for dinner (cinnamon roll cake included). They nixed the traditions that didn’t mean anything to them. They prioritized quality time with their family and friends. In my opinion, they did they’re wedding the right way- exactly the way they wanted it to be. And if I could get one message across to anyone out there planning a wedding, it would be exactly that.
Photography: Mikaela Wendel Photography
Videography: Taylor’d Weddings
Flowers/Décor: Shelley Rundberg Couture
DJ: Levity Events
Catering: The Neighborhood Café
Donuts: Lamar’s
Stylist: Lauren Wood
Make Up: Bailey Steinke
Suits: Tip Top Tux
Dress: BHLDN
Earrings: Olive+Piper
Venue: The Beck Event Space
Officiant: Erin McCabe