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Reasons to Book a Destination Engagement Session

You’re getting married!! Aside from the insane excitement you feel there’s also a million little decisions you will have to make in the coming months. One of the most fun, but sometimes overwhelming decisions, is where your engagement shoot should take place! You might have a favorite spot in your city or favorite hiking trail the two of you share, but what about going somewhere totally out of the box? This is your chance to be a little extra and create an experience you won’t forget! Here are 4 reason why you should choose a destination location for your engagement session.

Destination Engagement Session 1. It’s your chance to create unique engagement photos – ones that are different than your friends. One of the benefits to doing an engagement session is the chance to capture your unique love in the first place! Don’t go to that same park your friends all have shot at, look at your relationship and see where there’s a unique and common thread – one that you can bring into your photos that will make you stand out from the rest!

Destination Engagement Session

2. Take this as an opportunity to explore a new place together! Maybe wedding planning is getting to you and you just need to get away for a weekend. Take your photographer along! It’s the perfect excuse to take a last vacation before tying the knot, have the experience of exploring a new place together, and as a bonus, an opportunity to create amazing images. They’ll be unique AND a fun memento of your last trip together before officially becoming best friends forever!!

Destination Engagement Session
3. Sometimes the most meaningful spots in your relationship aren’t in the city you live in after all. Maybe there was a special trip you two took when you first started dating or your favorite weekend getaway. Taking your engagement session in one of these spots can be extra special since the place is special to you already! It’s a sweet way to remember those early stages in your relationship, or capture the place you first said “I Love You”. Either way, looking at places that have special meaning to you outside your city is a great place to start!
Destination Engagement Session
4. Maybe your instagram feed or pinterest travel board is filled with photos from far away places and eloping just wasn’t in the cards for you two. Use your engagement photos as an excuse to get those epic photos on a mountain top, secluded beach, or on a colorful rooftop in Morocco. This way you can have both the epic wedding all your family and friends can attend AND the gorgeous, fun photos in places you’ve only dreamt about! These are your photos and you can do whatever you want with them so have some fun!

BONUS THOUGHT – Maybe traveling before your wedding isn’t in the cards, or your relationship mainly consisted of time within your city limits. Don’t sweat it! Find a spot in your town that is meaningful to you (you can still make it unique and YOU without travel) BUT take your photographer along for part of your honeymoon! Maybe you’re finally visiting those far away places post wedding in which case you will definitely want those memories captured! Honeymoon sessions are the perfect way to capture that newlywed bliss and create some epic photos in a far away place!
Destination Engagement Session
Engagement sessions are such a good way to capture your relationship as it is right now. Have fun with it! Think outside the box, and use it as an excuse to visit a bucket list place, or a reason to go back to a favorite spot as a couple. Whatever you decide make sure it reflects you and your relationship, and I promise the images will be priceless.