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BRIDES: Look and Feel Gorgeous in ALL of Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is probably going to be the most photographed day of your entire life. Does that make you a little nervous? Maybe a little excited? However you are feeling, know that you are not alone. In fact, I hear brides tell me all the time that they aren’t “photogenic” (btw this is your photographer’s job, not yours), or that they don’t like a certain angle photographed, or just that they are simply nervous to have their photo taken. So I decided enough is enough- it’s time to show these ladies that they should be EXCITED for photos on their wedding day. So here are six ways to make sure you look like the gorgeous QUEEN that you are on your wedding day.

1. Hair

Don’t pull a Jeckyl/Hyde situation on your wedding day. If you never wear your hair up, don’t opt for an up-do on your wedding day. You won’t feel like “you.” Chances are, you’re not used to seeing all of your face, neck, and ears. While I’m sure you will still look gorgeous to everyone else, you are your own worst critic and those will likely be things that you will nit-pick. That doesn’t mean you have to wear all of your hair down (although don’t rule that out either!). Braids and half-up-dos are a great compromise. The same goes to you girls that are used to having all of your hair out of your face! Don’t wear a ton of hair around your face/ears. Instead, look into some full up-dos, half-up-dos, or anything that gives you a clean, clear face look.


2. Makeup

Same idea applies here as your hair. Don’t wear a ton of makeup normally? Then keep it natural for your wedding day. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear makeup or wear more makeup than usual (you’ll likely still be wearing MORE). But talk to your makeup artist. Let him or her know what kind of makeup you typically use. These guys are pros at what they do and can still enhance your natural features! The same principle goes to you ladies that LOVE makeup and are always down to watch another YouTube tutorial- have fun with your makeup! Do the glam look! Rock a bold lip! Get creative with your makeup artist. And for any bride reading this- say yes to the false lashes. You’ll love the look it gives your eyes and they look AMAZING in photos! (PS if you think they look like “too much” on you, ask your artist for more naturally looking ones- yes, they exist)


3. Dress

This is one of my favsssss to talk about! The best piece of advice I have heard when it comes to dress shopping is to try on the dress you are “sure” you don’t want. Often times, it may be exactly what you didn’t even know you wanted. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your wedding dress is what your favorite physical features are. If you’re like me and are a little self conscious of your arms- I wouldn’t recommend a strapless dress. All you’ll see in your photos is your arms instead of your smiling face. If you think your back is killer, girl wear a backless dress!! Wanna show off the girls? Deep V it is. You get what I’m saying. The last advice I’ll give about your dress is this: buy one to fit YOUR body. Did you read that? Buy a dress to fit your body- don’t force and change your body to fit into a dress for a one day event. Mmkay??? (btw this dress came from Something White Bridal Boutique– their staff is incredible- 10/10 recommend)


4. H2O

Heyo! You’re going to think your mom wrote this one! DRINK SOME FRIGGIN WATER. Like all the time, every day. But especially when you’re about to be in a ton of photos. Staying hydrated will do wonders for your skin and complexion. Avoiding soda and drinking more water will also help with any bloat so you look and FEEL healthy on your big day. (and sorry I don’t have any photos of brides actually drinking water… but look there’s some sitting in front of them 🙃)


5. Sun

This is a two-parter. Number one: stay out of direct sun leading up to your wedding day. You don’t want bikini tan lines from the lake distracting from your gorgeous dress. You also don’t want to be in a peeling phase of a sun burn right before you say, “I do.” Number two: I’m a fair skinned girl, and I understand wanting to look a little less like Casper when you’re already wearing a white dress. Spray tans are still an option- but I HIGHLY recommend doing a trial WAAAAAY before your wedding. And make sure the same person will be doing it for your wedding (a few days in advance- not the night before).


6. Your Photographer

Haha ya’ll had to know this was going to be in here, right? Seriously though, it makes a WORLD of difference. You and your photographer should be on the same page as far as your favorite features, “sides,” and any perceived flaws that you may not want highlighted in your photos. Your photographer is your number one guide in making sure you look great in your photos. Sometimes this is in the form of having you move to a different spot for your family formals because there was some spotty light. Other times it may be something as simple as them asking you to lift your chin a little bit. But overall, your photographer shouldn’t be orchestrating the day. It is a major part of their job to always be looking for the best lighting and angles. My advice for choosing a photographer that you can trust to make you look great in all of your photos? Ask to see full galleries of weddings they’ve photographed before. Look for people in their photos that look like you- size, shape, race, etc- and see if you like how they were photographed. Portfolio is everything, ya’ll.



So did you notice a common theme here? Here it is: BE YOURSELF. Your are the most beautiful in your truest form- whatever that means to you. You want to recognize yourself in your photos, obviously. And it’s totally okay to want to enhance yourself for your wedding day. Just keep that word in mind- ENHANCE. You’ll look the best on your wedding day and be happiest with your photos for years to come if you simply focus on being the best version of you. And then just relax and enjoy the day. I can photoshop out blemishes, dumpsters in the background, and even a funny-guy photo-bomber. But what I can’t photoshop is your attitude on the day of. So don’t get too caught up in all of this, enjoy yourself, and rest assured that your wedding photos will reflect exactly that.