invest in your business.
invest in yourself.

EDUCATION for photographers

You should never stop learning. That’s why I invest a huge amount of time and energy into education. I want to make sure I’m always evolving and making myself the best photographer and business owner I can be. Now, I want to share what I’ve learned and give back. Whether you just picked up your first camera or you’re a seasoned pro, I want to help you. 

If you won’t invest in yourself, who will?

1. pick my brain



This option is perfect for all photographers whether you are local to Kansas City or not. The process starts with a questionnaire to get to know the background of your business and your goals. Once we’re on the same page, we’ll set up a 2-hour Skype session to cover anything and everything you’re wondering about. Some common topics are brand and website review, portfolio review, client interactions, pricing, and social media marketing, but I’m an open book! Whatever you want to chat about, that’s what we’ll do.  

If you are local to Kansas City or Kona, we can do a live shoot! I’ll set up a couple’s session to teach you the best ways to get your couples to loosen up and interact naturally. Plus, I’ll go over some must-knows about lighting and composition. After our shoot, we’ll grab coffee or lunch to chat through what you learned and answer any questions you might have. This is usually between a 4- or 6-hour day, so we’ll get to know each other really well :)

If you are looking for ongoing mentorship, this is the option for you! I provide continuous guidance for those looking for a steady resource to help grow their business. 

Email for more information + to book.